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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

and so it begins again...

Dear Husband,

Once a month $12.89 is automatically deducted from the bank. This has been going on for many months now. I bought a series of books called" Help Me to be Good". I talked to you about the purchase before it was done. We agreed the book series was a great way to help teach important social skills for our son and would also be an asset for our daughter. I admit I can't remember how many times the payments will be taken out but it won't be forever.

Every month you forget and every month you yell at me. You tell me it was a stupid purchase and I suck because I cause our bank to be overdrawn. I don't forget, I try to remind you, I always remember. It would seem to me that the one who forgets and withdraws all the money from the bank would be the one at fault if blame needed to be assessed.

I didn't call you names or try to make you feel bad when you accidently withdrew $600.00 from the bank instead of $60.00. When you make a bank error I know it is a mistake and never talk to you like you talk to me. I hear the same argument from me and the first thing out of your mouth is "You Suck!!! You Kill us!!!" I don't even argue back anymore. It just isn't worth my energy.

We are fine as long as you are happy, but as soon as something happens to us that can be linked to me in any way you attack me with venom and blame me for as many things as you can. This is unfair and mean. Why you think it is okay to call me names in front of our children is beyond me? Again that is mean and rude. When our children come hoe from school in trouble because they called someone a horrible name I will know where they heard it and why they think it is right. Until then I just do as much damage control as I can.

Days like today make me very sad and make me want to hide away from the world. I dealt with that enough while growing up, I will not let you beat me down again. How do I make you understand? Is it even worth the battle?

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