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Monday, March 23, 2009

Well it was Almost Two Good Days

I did have a part in this, I don't deny it. Though I can't believe it escalated that fast. I just wanted a chance to finish what I was doing.

I was almost ready for bed and he started getting ready for a shower. I had a good 15 more minutes to finish up on the computer. Turn the light off and go to bed. So the next thing I know he is looking for a towel. What a surprise he can't find one and he refuses to look for one. So now he announces he is going to bed.

I knew it was late, I just wanted to finish up what I was doing . I said I am finishing this up. I could have said it nicer. I could have just turned off the computer. But I didn't. He then screamed at me that it was bedtime and he was going to bed and I needed to "Get my fat ass out of bed" if I was going to use the computer any longer.

When he wants to do something it has to be done right then and there. When I want to do something in his mind it is optional. If I ask him to do something that is something that he just won't do. He still hasn't moved that turtle sandbox in the backyard. I was there in the autumn, it was there all winter and it is spring now and it still is there.

I wish I could hire a husband to help me with some of the things we ned done in the house that I can't do myself. I wish I had the courage to invite someone over to help me out. The house is so messy I don't even like having the cable guy over to move a cable from one wall to another.

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