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Saturday, March 28, 2009

In Sickness and in Health

So I have been making an effort to talk with him about my feelings. We actually didn't argue today. Not even a spat when I couldn't account for some money. Maybe it is because of the beautiful weather. The day just made me feel wonderful. Maybe it is the meds, I am feeling so much more together lately. Maybe he is finally getting the hint that I am at the end of my rope. I am fighting for this marriage and I will leave him eventually if he doesn't get his act together. I will fight, I will not let him treat me like this anymore, but I will give up if it doesn't improve.

I have told him I believe he has asperger's like our son does. We now talk openly in our house about asperger's and I can't help but notice how it is like son like father. They react to many of the same things exactly the same way. It could be learned behavior but to my untrained eye it all seems to be asperger's reactions to change, pain, taste, sounds, and touch.

I am hoping he will see it too and he will seek treatment, be it meds or therapy but something. I worry about him, I see how sometimes it is hard for him to cope or understand things that are occurring right in front of him. He doesn't understand body language and doesn't know how to act in some everyday situations.

How far do you take the in sickness and in health part of wedding vows?

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