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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Homework Horrors

I have to take over helping our son with his homework. Daddy and him together is like adding a flame to gasoline. It used to be perfect. I would do the large projects and reading and Daddy would do the writing homework. He had this knack of explaining how P should write the letters.

Of course our son knows how to write the letters he just needs coaxing to write the letters. He is an expert at finding excuses do not do his homework. Yikes this is just first grade, I don't even want to think about High School. Oh you should see the acting. He throws his body to the ground and tells us how he has fallen so he can't do his homework. He could win an Emmy with his get out of homework acting, lol!!!

Today Daddy started to work on homework with our son. OMG, it sounded like a war was happening. Both were screaming at each other and you couldn't tell who the parent was. I know our son has Asperger's and I seriously believe that daddy has it too. His behavior and actions definitely point to that diagnosis. It would explain so much. Not that I am offering him any excuses for his behavior.

So I took over our son's homework help and managed to finally get him focused on doing the work. There was some bribery involved but I did manage to get him to finally finish three homework assignments and I can actually read most of them. Unfortunately now it looks like I am doing the homework with him all the time. So this is another thing Daddy gets out of because he flips out if he does it.

Why don't I get to flip out? Oh thats right I see doctors and therapist that help me work things out and prescribe meds to keep me sane. Now I could only get him to do the same I know it would help us. How do you get someone to accept medical help when he won't even accept that there is a problem to see someone about?

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