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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Oh God Damn It

I hear those words so often. Tonight I am lying in bed watching the end of a tv show. Seriously I mean the last two minutes. Dennis is going to bed. He comes in and tries to close the door. I mearly suggest that he should just turn the hall light off and not close the door. "Oh God Damn It!" he says. He says it all the time. If I ask him for a favor I hear "Oh God Damn It".

I just wanted to see the end of the show. My father did that to me all the time when I was growing up. A job would always have to be done five minutes before the end of he show. It is my name on the cable bill, If I want to see the end of the show let me.

So I get mad and storm out of the bedroom, I was going to go to sleep when the show ended. The bathroom light is on, The kitchen light, all the living-room lights and the front door isn't locked. He says,"Well I thought you were going to get up and watch TV."

Seriously can he be that clueless. I was in bed with the lights off. I was going to go to sleep. So now I am awake on the couch typing this into my blog. I took tylenol PM and I can feel it starting to work. I am too upset to go to bed and too tired to stay awake.

He did notice that I cleaned, of course the first thing he asks is did I find his missing shirts and the next thin was "I hope you didn't lose my Saskatchewan Jersey." It all has to be about him. His clothes get washed and hung, mine get tossed on the floor. He will wash a dish for him to eat off. We have to remind him about the other dishes. He won't read the kids a bedtime story until there is a break in hockey game.

I told him how I hate hearing "Oh God Damn It." He didn't care, not one bit. He was annoyed that I was bothered by what he said. The worse thing is I will hear it again and again. He has said it for years. I have told him many times before how much I hate that phrase. He just doesn't care.

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