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Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Day Started With a Death and Ended with a Win

D and I woke up this morning to the kids playing with fluffy, one of our pet bunnies. It was so cute, but then we thought, "Wait, the bunny was in his cage how did he get out?" D went to the cage and it was open but Bun Bun was still inside and he was not moving. Sometime during the night Bun Bun passed away and now we had to break the news to the kids. Who ever opened the cage must have noticed, but did they really understand.

So we broke the news to the kids and P handled it very well. Way better than we would have imagined. B however was devastated. She cried for about 20 minutes, my pillow was soaked and her face was so red. Finally she just stopped and got up to help daddy dig a "hole" for Bun Bun. She insisted on a big stone for him too.

The afternoon brought a birthday party for P to attend, and Daddy even dropped P off to the party and went to the Dollar Store to buy a gift bag. He was a huge help today, I guess when he isn't working 10 hours a day he can be pleasant to be around.

We picked P up from the party and the whole family went to the Buffalo Bandits game. We bought souvenirs, ate food that was not healthy, cheered and yelled. The kids had their own fan club from the people we were sitting near. They got to dance with Rax, the Bandit's Mascot. Plus they got Bonus hugs from him. The Bandits won 14 - 4. It was a great game.

Today was an awesome day, though I was waiting for the other shoe to fall. It never did. It really was a great day spent together as a family. These days do happen. I wish they happened more often. When they do it is magical.

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