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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Why are you talking so fast?

He comes home today from buying gas on Transit in Williamsville. We live in Tonawanda, not exactly next to Williamsville. Apparently the gas price was worth the 20 minute drive each way? He comes in and tells me his brain is fast and loopy and he is talking at least at triple speed. I was getting dizzy listening to him talk so fast. It makes me wonder what else he was doing, of course he said nothing unusual happened. He just needs to drive to get the fastness out of his head.

Now I know how gas in his car gets used so fast. I suggested that maybe a walk or run would work just as well, he agrees but it is too cold to do that right now. Then he announces that I am unreasonable because I don't want him to drive the 2 - 3 hours it will take his brain to slow down.

There is no way to win this one, I just stop the discussion and go back to the torture of helping my son do his homework. Both can drive me crazy but at least my son's homework is almost finished so that nightmare will be over soon.

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