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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My World Almost Ended Today

I walk in to my daughter's Nursery School to pick her up. I just missed the door opening and most of the kids had already found their mommy's. I turn the corner and see my daughter, my first impression when I saw her is something happened to her. She wasn't as happy as she usually is. Her teacher saw me and she also looked frazzled. She told me that my daughter had choked on a jelly bean just moments ago. My daughter almost died. They made cupcakes in class today and decorated them to look like easter baskets. Licorice was the handle and jelly beans were the eggs.

Of course the kids were snacking on the jelly beans. She loves jelly beans. Whenever we go to grandma's she has to have some jelly beans. She was laughing while chewing one and inhaled at the wrong time. It took a moment or two for the teacher to dislodge the jelly bean. She told me that my daughter couldn't breath at all.

It happened so fast, but the teacher knew what to do. My daughter is safe and this Easter wants NO jelly beans in her Easter Basket. She found out today that Grandma is an Easter Bunny Helper since she saw her bunny costume. She asked me if grandma could tell the Easter Bunny that she wants no Jelly Beans this year. I don't blame her. I don't want any either I think.

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