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Monday, March 30, 2009

I Get So Worried

My son has been making some noises lately. I don't mean the normal noises, he has this strange throat sound that he makes. It is like a frog sound almost. He is making more noises at school. Usually when he has made a transition to a different class like music, art and gym.

He acts like he doesn't hear the teacher. He does this to me too. I don't think it is an act. He seems to get lost within himself. He acts out at school enough for him to move from green to red for behavior. It is a green, yellow, red system good, warning and poor behavior.

His teacher has noticed that he cannot put words to his behavior. He will move around the classroom in unusual mannerisms. He tends to spin more when he leaves school. As soon as he is free from the building, always halfway down the walkway he spins three times.

It has been over a year since he was diagnosed with asperger's nothing we have done has seemed to help. I am going back to the parents support group to help us cope. I hope other parents can give us some tips and insight. Luckily I have a therapy appointment scheduled soon.

Luckily he really calms down when he uses a slinky. He also only uses it long enough to calm down. I will have to make a run to Target to get more slinkys. I have to make sure to never be without one. I am so glad that his Principal figured that relaxation technique.

His Vineland questioner should be arranged soon. I am hoping his score will allow us to get some aid for him. I hate to see him in his aspie fits. They are getting so bad that he has given us all bruises. When he gets upset lately the word seems to be ending for him. He will just thrash around and it is like he aims all his anger and frustration at us. He throws and hits and kick. We have made his room his safe place, but he has been resisting going there to help calm down.

I am walking to raise money to help Autism research. I have five people on my team and we are so far the group that has raised the most funds. My goal is to raise at least $1000.00. We have almost $150.00 raised so far. It makes me feel like I am doing something to help.

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