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Monday, March 23, 2009

He said "I'm Sorry"

He came home from work today in a good mood. I love when that happens because odds are we will have a good day. Then as I was making pizza for dinner he came up to me and apologized for calling me a "Fat Ass" yesterday. He never apologizes. I mean never, so the fact that I got an apology is huge!!! We talked a bit about last night and how he just wanted to go to sleep. I said I understood that, but he also needed to understand that I just needed a little time, less than a minute, to finish what I was doing. Had we both just took a breath before speaking I think we would have been okay last night.

Some of this is communication problems. He has admitted to me that he tunes me out if what I am talking about doesn't interest him. I get upset when I have to repeat my self over and over again. I wish we could figure out a way to work on this between us. That will help so much in avoiding many of our arguments.

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