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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm NOT Getting Old!!!

So I faced my increasing age this week. I had to get Bifocals. I just had my eyes checked in October and my script was single lens. Lately I have noticed that I have been taking off my glasses to read or work on the computer. Then of course my eyes get strained quickly and they hurt. I knew I needed a new script and I knew I would need bifocals. I still didn't go and get my eyes examined again. I kept waiting, I just didn't want to face my age.

I don't feel old. I actually don't see myself as old either. My gosh I am only 41. I am not old!!! My eyes however are not young. I had surgery on my right eye when I was in kindergarten. Now it is crossed again, but facing out instead of in this time. I have to face this. I love to read, I love being able to see. I have to take care of my eyes. So I suck it up and go to America's Best since I already used my eye insurance in October and it is Once a year use only.

I said when I walked in I would need bifocals and I walked out of there with a script for bifocals. I thought I would get my glasses there since I already used my insurance in October. They say two pairs of bifocals for $99.00. Uhm, no it ended up being more than that. Four times more to be specific. Two pairs was over $400.00 and one pair was just over $300.00. I was shocked. I think I ran out of there screaming.

I went back to my regular place and paid $185 for one pair, still way cheaper than the last place. I pick them up later this week. I wish when I got new frames in October I had been thinking, then I would have gotten frames I could put bifocal lenses in. It just feels like a wasted use of insurance. I will never go back to the doctor that examined my eyes last time. I feel cheated almost.

So my eyes are old, I am young and I plan on staying that way for at least another 30 - 40 years.

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