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Saturday, May 2, 2009

I Felt a Disturbance in the Force

One of the side effects of my son's meds is difficulty falling asleep. The first night after he took the meds he fell asleep with no difficulty. Phew I thought to myself, I guess we dodged that bullet. Well, no such luck. I went to bed that night not knowing what was about to happen.

I was happily dreaming comfy cozy in my bed all snuggled in my blanket. Then I felt a disturbance in the force something wasn't right so I forced myself to wake up and I glance at the clock. It was 4:40 a.m. and the lights were on in the living-room and kitchen. That was definitely not how I left them. Now I was worried that maybe someone broke in so I listened before I said anything. I picked up the phone and dialed 911 put my finger on the talk button just in case.

Then I hear giggling, cute little giggles from more than one child. Seriously, now I'm mad. I saw my son enter the hallway and then my daughter. "What are you too doing awake and playing in the kitchen in the middle of the night?" P quickly announced he woke up and wasn't tired anymore. I remembered the lack of sleep side-effect and I took deep breath. Then with my 4 a.m. haze wearing off I inquire about why B was awake. P said he woke her up so he could have someone to play with.

So now I have new rules, if you wake up in the middle of the night you come into Mommy's room and let me know. Under no circumstances are you allowed to wake-up your sibling. Nor are you allowed to play in the kitchen or any other room. You are especially not allowed to go outside (I threw that one just so I wouldn't have to add it at a later date).

These rules are added to my growing list of rules I never thought I would have to make. The first one on that list was from when my son was two. It was "No Licking People". Rules later added were "No Climbing on the Television" "No Dumping Food and Playing With it in any Room" and my favorite "No Writing on the Celling". I love being a Mommy.

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