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Monday, May 25, 2009

The Parade

Today my Cub Scout Pack walked in our Memorial Day Parade. I had forgotten how torturous it is while waiting our turn to begin. First we all met at the Elk Lodge. Some of the boys were upset that they couldn't ride on the float, but that is a Boy Scout rule not mine. One of the boys found a bullet and I made sure it was not going home with him. How would that conversation go if something went wrong?

Then we walked and walked to get to the starting point. Oops we were going to the wrong spot so we turned around and went back to where we started. One of the vehicles turned there and the other didn't. Well, we practiced our what to do in the woods if your lost, stay in one spot, technique and it worked. The float came back and told us to go to to another location. If we had known that originally then we could have been there already.

So we walked some more and got to where we were supposed to be and still couldn't find them, we found a break in the parade and crossed the street. Soon we stumbled upon them and we were so relieved. Then of course we realized that we had quite a wait before we started. It was enough time for a game of tag, a snack and time for more confusion of when we start.
Grandma (my Mom) had my little girl. She was pampered on that float. She got a nice hair style, a cushy spot to sit and all the cold water she wanted to drink.

Daddy led the Elks by holding the flag like usual.

Then we finally started. There was a lot of starting and stopping and walking. We even had a little razzle dazzle (think Stripes) when the Cubs switched sides so that parents and grandparents could see them better.

Sure there was some complaining, it was a long wait, there also was a lot of fun. The Pack exchanged salutes with members of the military and other's watching the parade and we had cheers all along the route. People were trilled to see a Cub Scout Pack marching in the parade. We would have people ask us where we were out of and what Pack # we were.
Next year we will have a Pack Flag and will have flyers announcing where we meet and when, Hopefully we can get a few new scouts from this. We also will have a pre parade activity to occupy the boys while we wait for our turn in the parade to avoid the look of despair that I saw on my son's face. I think I will also get better shoes too.

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