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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Planting Our Gardens

My son and I went to a couple nurseries today and he really seems to genuinely love plants and gardening. He was so excited when I said he could pick out his own plants. He inspected all the choices within his price range and asked me what they were called (thankfully they were all well labeled). He finally picked yellow and orange marigolds and pink begonias. Then we picked out sunflower seeds for our sunflower wall. He finally got bored when I was searching for my purple peppers. The tale of the purple peppers is a whole story by itself.

We managed to finish one more garden is done today, despite the help of my children. I have it surrounded with bricks from my Nana's home (my brother lives there now). I admit I really wanted to use large river rocks but bricks with a history is almost as good. The bricks have been there for two days and I have told the children the penalty for moving the bricks. Maybe they should touch them, we need to get rid of some toys (insert evil laugh here).

I dug a circle around our little tree in the front yard. I added top soil and used a seeded mat to start some pretties under the tree.  P bought 8 flowers today at a nursery and he helped me plant them under the tree too. I hope this garden grows nice. It is the first one I have dug myself and planted. Usually I have someone till my gardens for me, but this was so small that I was sure I could do it.

Tree Garden
Now the fun part was adding some top soil to the garden. This is where the kids insisted on helping. The lure of them being allowed to play in the dirt was overwhelming for them. I of course let them "help" It is not too much money to buy more top soil if I needed it. One child had a cup and the other one had a shovel. An amazing thing happened while they added to soil to the garden. They shared the tools. They actually traded the cup and shovel with no prompting from me. It's a good thing I was sitting down.

The next step was watering the garden. My son helped me with that today. He loves to water my plants. Mostly because somehow while he is watering the plants he manages to get completely drenched by the water. Now that is a great trick when you are supposed to be behind the water.

The poor garden was watered so quickly that I had to redirect his attempts to give it more water. I reminded him that he needed to give the plants a chance to drink the water, not swim in the water. Tomorrow is the last garden in the front of the house. All that remains is the sunflower wall and hopefully my vegetable garden in the backyard. Luckily the vegetable garden is in topsy turvy planters and hangs from my porch rafters. This year my peppers had better not become tomatoes.

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