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Monday, May 18, 2009

Summer Projects and Plans


This is the time of year where I have so many ideas of how I want to improve my house and yard. I would love to put in a patio, get some lawn furniture and an awning for some summer fun. I would love a flagstone wall in the front yard around my flower gardens. I want to build an extension to my laundry room so I have room for sorting, folding and storing our clothes.

This year I also find my self wanting to do more for the Cub Scout pack. We want to expand by having a Boy Scout Troop for the Middle and High School boys. We have a summer Pack Camping coming up and I have visions of camp equipment going through my head. I know if I walk into Gander or EMS I will start drooling over all the camping supplies. I just had Liquid Fuel Training and am starting to think about camping stoves and lanterns.

Then I start thinking of things for the kids to do this summer. We already have Scouts and Soccer and today I stumbled up on an Irish Dance class for my daughter. I can't wait to sign her up. Luckily the summer program is a less expensive class so I can see if she likes it before I have to shell out the big bucks. I can't wait to watch her dance. It will be nice to have a Mommy/Daughter activity this summer. She gets so jealous of scouting sometimes.

I wish I could do more of the things I think of doing over the summer. All the ideas get whirled around my head as I dream about them. Most of them get put on hold because of money and/or time. Usually activities with the children get done and one or two smaller outside projects get done also. If I look back on summers past I will see projects eventually getting done, so I try not to feel defeated when the flagstone wall gets put off again.

I do try to get al least one Mommy Project done. Last year I had a couple gardens put in. this year I hope to improve on them by making them raised beds. Hopefully then the pond that my gardens became last year will just be a memory. I told the kids when the raised beds are done they will each have a small garden to call their own. Maybe that will help them to lean not to dig in Mommy's garden and ruin her flowers.

So I have all my summer pipe dreams and now I start the horrible task of deciding what I can realistically do on my budget and what projects will be set aside for yet another year. I know someday my summer projects will get done, unfortunately it just won't be this year.

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