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Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Son is Proud of Me

My son and I agree that one of the best decisions I have made was getting involved in the Boy Scouts of America. He is finishing up his first year in Cub Scouts this year. At the beginning of the school year I made the "mistake" of asking the powers that be at his school why there wasn't a pack at the school. They replied that it was a fantastic idea and I should get started on getting a pack started at the school.

So I called the Council Headquarters in our area and said I wanted to start a pack. Then I hounded them at Council because I hadn't heard a response back. I had a functioning pack started at my sons school at the beginning of the new year. Luckily I must have passed my enthusiasm on to the incoming parents because so many stepped up to help me get the pack started. I couldn't have done it without them and thankfully I have their help now to keep it going.

Today I had a full day of Baloo (Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation) training at one of the local scout camps. Of course because we were supposed to be outside it poured. I thought it would have been better weather because I brought my raincoat. Usually that is enough to keep the "liquid sun" away. I was awake at 6:30 am to get ready to leave. If you know me you would know that this is a miracle. I am not a morning person. Not even a little bit. I was out of the house on the road at 7:00 am.

I have rarely had such a great time being awake that early. We would bounce from activity to activity and we didn't even really know what time it was. Gasp!!! I can't believe that I could function without a clock guiding me through my day. I am one of those people that has to know what time it is at all times. Well, the world didn't end today because I didn't know what time it was.

I also was amazed at how many people there today were people I knew, some through my past year in Cub Scouting, and some from my College days. It truly is a small world when you run into three people you knew from 25 years earlier at Cub Scout training. By the end of the day we all were friends.

I am signed up for more training next month. I know I will be involved with Cub Scouts for the long haul. My son is excited about going to summer camp and all the fun that he will have next year. He is going to march in a parade this month. Next month he will participate in a Flag Day ceremony at his grandparents Elk Lodge. I am so proud of him too. He brags to his friends that his mommy started a cub scout pack for him. I know he is proud of me too.

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