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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tarot Treasure

Recently I was given a special gift. Someone I had never met gave me a collection of books, Tarot Decks, Fairy Decks. In that collection of books were many that I have always wanted to read and just could never afford. This gift came while I was in a crossroads and believe that because of this amazing gift I took the path that I was meant to take.

This gift has motivated me to pick up my studies again. I found a new teacher and know this collection of books will be very handy as I learn.


One of the Tarot Decks I received was my favorite deck. I was given the Celtic Dragon Tarot for my graduation from college. I kept the card with me at all times they were that special to me. When I tried to use a smaller purse (big mistake, no matter how many times I try a smaller purse I end up with a huge purse. I just have to face the facts I am a large purse person.) That deck was kept out of the new purse.

My son has asperger's we know that now. He is lacking impulse control often and that day was one of the days he decided to find out what was in the pretty blue bag that mommy always carries around. I still remember the sinking feeling in my stomach when I walked in to find him playing with my cards. One of the cards was never seen again. He eventually found two more of my decks and would find them no matter where I hid them. It was like he was drawn to them

Now we know he has a fixation on cards and we will buy the cheap decks of cards for him. Sometimes at a garage sale I will buy a game that is missing pieces so he can play with the cards. Now that I know he has asperger's I take special care of things I value. I love my son, I know his limitations and I know mine.

Now once the kids go to bed I take the cards out and practice with them. I learned my lesson and am so thankful I got a second chance with this deck and a first chance with many other beautiful decks. They are valued and loved and locked up to protect them.

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