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Monday, May 4, 2009

The Tale of the Purple Peppers

A few years ago while shopping in my local supermarket I saw with the peppers some purple peppers. Since I love to try new foods I bought one. I had no idea that this was the beginning of a quest that would span years. I was so excited to try it and I was even more surprised when I cut it open. The inside of the pepper was green.


Of course when you find an unusual food in the local supermarket the odds of finding them again is slim. Over the years I have only found them two maybe three times in the stores. So I decided to try to grow them when I finally got a yard suitable for a garden.

Last year I found a packet of pepper seeds. It was a variety pack, but some of them were purple peppers. I planted a large group of peppers and watched them grow. I was so excited when I saw flowers, they looked a little small to me, but I had never grown peppers before so I assumed it was just the way they grew. Soon where the flowers were there was small green bulbs. Oh the beginning of my peppers. I watched them, and watched them, and then they stopped getting bigger.

What was happening? I had planted grape tomatoes too and they were a little larger than my peppers. That didn't seem right, were they mini peppers? Was there such a thing? The seed packet was long gone, so maybe I had bought minis, but they all were turning red. Oh No! They all had grown into cherry tomatoes. I was heart broken.

I had not bought tomato seeds, the grape tomatoes I grew were from a grape tomato that I bought at the supermarket. (I wish I had saved some of the seeds from the purple peppers that I had bought.) I couldn't believe that I had all these tomatoes. The seed packet was long gone, I couldn't contact the seed company. So we had tomatoes on everything last year.

This year I started going to nurseries to find purple peppers. I found some chocolate peppers which might end up being purple but I bought seeds again this year. Of course I am putting the seed packet in a safe place, maybe I will put it in the fire-safe. It won't get damaged and tossed if it is in that. I am bound and determined to get a purple pepper this year.

I have every seed in that pepper variety pack planted and a bunch of people lined up to adopt some of the plants. They have even agreed to give me some seeds from any purple pepper that they grow. There must be an easier way to get the produce that you crave. Next year I will try to grow purple potatoes. What can I say, I like purple produce.


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