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Friday, May 8, 2009

I Worry Way to Much

What a long evening, it was horrible, my internet was out. I know that before I had a computer and before I was on line I managed quite well. Now that I have my laptop and wireless internet I can't seem to live without it. I had to shut my computer down while the internet was out so I wouldn't keep checking. I kept hoping that I was back on line and knew I would do nothing else but obsess over the lack of internet.

I spent the night being buried in pillows by my daughter. This used to be the camel game. Today though I was a kitty. She was driving me around and buying me cereal to eat. She has such an amazing imagination. My son and I would never play like this. The closest thing I have seen him playing that used his imagination was when he was obsessed with the TV show "Dirty Jobs". He even had an imaginary worm who played with him.

It always interest me when I notice the differences between them. I wonder if it is a boy/girl difference or an asperger's/neurotypical difference or maybe just a brother/sister difference. I also notice the many similarities in them and wonder if she mimics some of her brother's asperger's traits or is she another child with asperger's.

She stims by flapping her arms just like her brother, she is obsessed with pink. But then again she is a four year old little girl, so pink is a central part of her life. She is sensitive to sound and some flavors.

Of course I also wonder if I am just another paranoid mommy. I always jump to the worse case scenario. If my husband is late I think he was in a car accident. If the kids are quiet I think they are injured or worse. I drive my parents nuts when their phone is off the hook. I jump in the car if I can and drive over to their house to make sure they are okay. Both are diabetics and dad has trouble walking. It is just my nature to be a worry wart I guess.

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