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Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Punishment Doesn't Fit The Crime

I am so upset right now. For some reason my spouse feels a reasonable punishment for not getting dressed quickly enough is sending a six year old to his room for the whole day. He started this "punishment" at 11 am and refuses to stand down. The only saving grace is he knows I won't stand for it and he is standing guard. That way he has a punishment too. If my son has to stay in his room all day, then so does his father.

I tried to get him to see how unreasonable this punishment was and he refuses to see any reason. He is determined to keep his son in his room all day long. He makes up these punishments to benefit himself in my opinion. He doesn't like to read bedtime stories and so he will take away bedtime stories as fast as he can for any little thing wrong the kids do at bedtime.

Today is his one day in the week where he can spend time with the kids. So what does he do the first chance he can, he separates himself from his son for the whole day by sequestering him into his room all day long. At least I have managed to make him spend time with him. I may not have been able to reduce the punishment but I made sure that daddy has to feel the punishment too. I hope what ever sport is on today that he wanted to watch is mostly missed.

We have been doing so much better lately, this came out of the blue and I am once again pondering our future. I will not allow more of these punishments. A six year old does not deserver to be grounded to his room for a whole day because he didn't get dressed fast enough. I have to deal with that every school day morning and I have no problem getting him to get dressed. It takes me standing over him and instructing him what to do, but it gets done.

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