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Friday, April 17, 2009

Angel Food

Tomorrow I am picking up over a weeks of groceries that I paid $50.00 for. This will be enough food to feed all of us a meal every night for a week plus some snacks too. We are getting T-Bone steaks, pork roast Italian Sausage, pears, apples potatoes, lettuce, cabbage, peppers, pineapple a melon, sweet potatoes, carrots and onions. I love using Angel Food Ministries.

I also love that they don't preach to me. Religion is so very personal to me. I don't like anyone trying to force their views on me. My views are so different that now I try to keep them to myself to avoid major conflicts. Wars have been fought because of differences in religions. When I started using this service I expected to be preached to. I was pleasantly surprised when they said they were there for me if I needed a prayer or other support.

Now my husband sees this service in a different way. He hates paying money for anything when you have to wait to get what you pay for. It is because of this that I am unable to always order from Angel Food. You see you pay one week and pick up the food in another week. He gets upset when I "tie up" our money this way and have to wait for the food.

This in next months menu.

2.5 lb. Lean Chopped Beef Steaks (5 x 8 oz.)

5 lb. Leg Quarters

2 lb. Chicken and Corn Bread Stuffing Casserole (Ready to Cook)

28 oz. Salisbury Steak Dinner Entrée

1 lb. Boneless Pork Chops (4 x 4 oz.)

1 lb. Corn Dogs (6 ct.)

12 oz. Deli Sliced Ham

5 oz. Chunk Light Tuna in Water

32 oz. French Fries

1 lb. Sweet Corn

15 oz. Musselman’s Apple Sauce

15 oz. Pears (Product of U.S.A.)

8 oz. Dinner Roll Mix
(Makes 8 Nice Rolls)

7.5 oz. Mac ’n Cheese

32 oz. 2% Shelf Stable Milk

Dozen Eggs


You get all of this for $30.00. I usually pay an extra $22.00 for a box of fruits and veggies. Next month they also have a Latin Fruit and Veggies box. I am looking forward to it. I hate that I have sneak the money to order food for my family.

Tonight I told him we are picking up our order tomorrow and he rolled his eyes and said "How much money is it costing us?" When I shop there is always issues with what I buy and how much I spend. When he shops it is always perfect (his words, definitely not mine). He points out that the last time I "was allowed" to shop for the family I paid more money than I was secretly budgeted to. I say secretly because he failed to share the budget with me.

So now I try to save money with Angel Food. I do it in a way that allows him to think he has made the decision. I find that this works. I only mention when I pick the food up, never when I pay for it. It may sound sneaky and I know it is, but food for my family is worth some sneakiness.

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