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Friday, April 3, 2009

A New Beginning

Since I decided to go back to school I have been checking out local colleges and universities. Since I didn't get an undergrad degree in education (nope silly me got a Bachelors of Business Administration) I have to find a master's program that will certify me in teaching. I found two programs that I like, one at Niagara and the other at Medaille.

I am going to apply at Niagara first. They will have me student teaching when my daughter is in school full time. The timing is perfect. I don't want to get back in retail. That is where all my experience is and I HATE the hours you have in retail. When I thought I couldn't have children that seemed perfect. Funny how I didn't get pregnant until after I had wasted my money on a degree I don't want anymore.

I am afraid to tell my MIL. I have a feeling she won't be as supportive as she was when I went back to school for my bachelors. I can't even bring myself to apply for a part time job in retail because I a, worried they will suck me in again and I will be spending the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas working insane hours and never seeing my family.

So back to school I go. I think my husband finally gets that I need to do this. He is actually not against it. I thought he would focus on the money and not think about the fact that I need to do this.

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