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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

We Talked

Last night we went to a Support group for Parents with children who have Asperger's. On the way home we just started talking. One of the things I brought up was how it is horrible that he calls our son a cry baby. He says he does it to help, so he will learn to stop before his classmates call him that.

I told him that our son only hears his daddy calling him a name. Plus it is a hurtful name that is like a swear word in elementary school. I explained that when I was growing up hurtful things that my parents said stuck with me. I get so mad at him when our son comes running to me for comfort because his daddy called him a bad name. Hopefully what I said will sink in.

We also talked about how I suspect he also has Asperger's. He like our son had early language development. He has a fixation on hockey to the point that he will tell you everything you never wanted to know about it. He can tell you who one the Stanley Cup in any year. If the uniform on any team changes a little bit he will notice it. I also mentioned how they are so similar when they get hurt. There is no ouch if they get hurt. It is a HORRIBLE pain with no middle ground. I never know if when they get hurt if it is as bad as it sounds or just a minor injury.

It was a nice conversation, no yelling was involved. I wish we could have more conversations like that.

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