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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Something Might Have Changed

Twice today we have talked about money and not fought. No harsh words were exchanged. We discussed how money was being spent without saying hurtful things to each other. The conversations were after the hug. I think we are going to be hugging more. To me it is amazing that we got through this afternoon without the verbal attacks that usually accompany any conversations we have involving money.

Will this talking keep happening? I hope so. I am sure there will still be rough moments, but will they be as often as they were? Can we fix this marriage and build it back up again? I'm not sure. Maybe it is just a calm before a storm. If that is the case I should be frightened. Can one person do enough to help save a marriage? Again I have many questions and no real answers.

I will keep writing about all that is occurring. This writing helps me put so many thoughts into words and concrete ideas. My writing in this blog has kept me from just disappearing into a pit of shattered emotions. I know I would have long ago just stopped functioning if I didn't have something like this to keep me going. I write and you read and I stay sane.

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