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Friday, April 24, 2009

The Pants Battle

This morning I fought the pants battle with my son. He put on his beloved pair of black jeans, with two ripped knees. I cringed and let it go because I knew he wanted this pair of pants and I didn't want to have a battle this morning. Then as he was walking I saw that he has grown taller. The jeans were too short by at least an inch. How this happened without my noticing I don't know.

So I took a breath and told him that he had to wear a different pair of pants to school. Well, that did it. He had a meltdown. These were his favorite pair and he only wanted to wear this pair not any other and I was so mean because I wanted him to change. I found another pair and made him change and then he wouldn't put on his sneakers. He wanted the black pair of jeans, not any other pair.

I look at the clock and see I am running out of time. I offer to let him bring a piece of the jeans with him, after all they are too small and too worn out to pass along. I figured I would make cut-off shorts for him. No!!!!! Don't Cut Them!!!!!!!!!!! He says. It is getting closer to pick up time so I look at his backpack and figure they will fit in the front pocket. I offer to put them there so he can have them at school, just not on his body. Thankfully that option worked.

So I sent my son to school with a worn out pair of pants in his backpack. The only good thing about this battle was he said he needed a hug and kiss before he left for school. That rarely happens. Usually I get a blown kiss or maybe a wave.

As I closed the door and watched him get into the car I was relieved that we got through this morning. But he is growing and more of his clothes soon will not fit. I sense that this battle is not over rather it is just beginning.

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