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Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Just Want to Shower in Peace

Why is is when you get in the shower the kids almost always do something that makes you get out of it? I got I the shower today, my husband had left to help a friend. Both children were watching Noggin. Usually I can do something for myself like shower when they watch tv. Apparently not today!

I just lathered up my hair when I hear "Mommy is this an apple peeler?" I take the bait and say "Let me see it". It is a very dirty potato peeler. I shudder to think of where it has been because I don't remember the last time I saw it. He announces that it was outside. Of course don't we all keep our potato peelers outside in the dirt? After all that is where the potatoes are from. That is the conversation I had in my hear anyway.

As I rinse the shampoo out of my hair I tell him that it would peel apples but it is sharp and dirty so don't do anything with it until I wash it, after I get out of the shower. I should have known better. So I blissfully continue my shower I am covered in soap now and then I hear a scream followed by "I'm bleeding!!!!!" So I jump out of the shower slip and slide on the bathroom floor. My son had sliced his thumb while trying to wash the peeler in the bathroom sink.

My first aid kit is in my purse. That way I know where it is and I have it with me almost all the time. My purse is in the kitchen. I grab a towel and wrap his thumb up in the towel to stop the dripping blood and run dripping wet into the kitchen. I got the first aid kit and ran back into the kitchen. Please don't picture this I am sure it was pretty scary looking.

I washed the cut and put a Band-Aid on and it bleed right through. So I wrapped the towel around it again and jumped back in the shower to rinse off all the soap (that way I hoped I would stop slipping so much). I got back out and it still was bleeding now I put direct pressure on this stubborn cut. He can feel the initial pain and also the pressure from me trying to get it to stop bleeding. Poor kiddo, He is crying so hard and so scared. I see the terror in his face.

Finally I got three Band-Aids on it. One to cover it and the other two to keep pressure on it. The bathroom floor is covered in soapy water and some blood and there is a train of water and soap into the kitchen from when I got the first aid kit. I just wanted a shower. A nice calm shower. Some peace and quiet. I should have known better. He is fine now, watching Noggin like I thought he was doing when I was in the shower.

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