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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Another Rough Day

I left a bag of important papers in the car. I had finally almost tracked down a beloved teacher from high school. I was one phone call away from getting contact information for him. The phone number was on a business card that I got at a community fair and it was in that bag.

I hid away in my room with the kids and must have fallen asleep. He was awake so I should have known better but I didn't. At some point the bag was brought in the house and dumped. This is why I left it in the car. So I could keep it safe. Now I admit I got upset when I found out the bag was dumped. I however wasn't expecting him to get upset at me for not taking care of "your things".

Oh now I was livid. He knows exactly what buttons to press to make me lose my temper. I did all I could to safeguard those papers. It was not my fault. I wasn't even upset at him. I don't think he was the one to dump the bag. He probably was upset that I made plans for a family activity tonight and he would have to miss some sport on TV.

It really bothers me that he has to be such a jerk about spending time with the family. The kids want to do things with daddy sometimes. Tonight they wanted a flashlight walk. Daddy however had to yell at me, swear up and down because the flashlight wasn't working and stomp around the house.

Last night he went out with friends. He got all dressed up and showered before he went. He will ask how high when his friends say jump. Then he complains that he got no sleep. Well, who made the choice to go out to 3 am when you have to go to work at 4 am? I know I would have passed on that invitation to go out.

I did tell my parents that I was going back to school to be a teacher and they seemed to really be excited for me. Hopefully I will have a semi decent job in two years so I can support myself and the kids if I have to.

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