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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Can I Rent a Husband?

What bother's me the most is he just won't do anything I ask him to do when I ask him to do it. There are garbage bags on my back porch that I filled up last week. I asked him to put them in the garbage cans. Our garbage cans are almost as tall as I am. It isn't easy for me to lift a full bag of garbage up high and keep that lid open. I can do it but usually he does. So why if it something that is usually done by him can't he do it when I ask him to do it. Seriously I think If I asked him to tie his shoes he wouldn't do it.

I managed to get him to connect the hose today so I could water my garden. To get him to do it I had to remind him that he is the only one who can tighten it enough so the spicket doesn't leak. Then he just leaves stuff that was tangled in the hose up on the front walk. How hard would it have been to put the string and other things tangled into the hose away?

So how can I rent a husband? Maybe I just need to hire a handyman. I would love to get things done in this house without screaming. He will do nothing to help me out today. I couldn't find my sneakers. Yes, my children play with my shoes and I can never find them. My sneakers were right next to him. If he had turned his head or even used peripheral vision he would have seen them. He claimed I didn't ask him for help so he didn't look for them. I can't help but think if I asked for help that he still wouldn't have turned his head.

I am tired of being the only adult in this house. I am tired of being the only brain in the house. I'm just plain tired. I try not to take the bait and let it get to me. I try to keep myself from expecting to much from him. I know he has no motivation to do anything for anyone other than himself.

My children get so excited to help me when I work outside. Granted usually they offer no genuine help but they think they are helping and the love to do it. I don't want them to start acting this way. My son is the one I worry about the most. He is the one who tends to mirror his father's behavior patterns. I do all I can to correct that behavior. It just wears me down and I go hide in my room.

I guess that for most of the winter I was just so blah that his behavior became more sedentary. I didn't want to do anything, and so I didn't motivate him to do anything. Now I am taking medication that is getting me out of my funk. I find myself doing more things and becoming more active. I find myself being a mom again and wanting to be a wife again. Too bad my husband has no interest in most things that husbands do.

He keeps playing the work card. "I'm tired, I have been working 12 hour days". Well, I work 24 hours a day. Even when I am sleeping I am on duty because one or both children will wake up. I am always on Mommy Duty. He sees Daddy Duty as optional.

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  1. ((Hugs)) to you. BTW - i tagged you in my blog today!