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Friday, April 24, 2009

Excitement from Morning 'till Night

I am so excited one of my friends from college was in town today and we got together twice. This morning we went to the zoo with our children. Both are the same age and you would think they were longtime friends by watching them play.


As my daughter and I arrived at the zoo we parked off to the side and walked to the main entrance. She proudly announces that she could smell poop so we must be at the zoo. I love when she makes such brilliant observations about such simple things. She also loved the wild yellow flowers that were growing all over the place. No not dandelions, these kind of looked like daisies that were solid yellow in color. She had a bouquet of them by the time we left the zoo.

We had a blast at the zoo and saw many animals, the favorites were the bears and river otters.

Photobucket Photobucket

If you look at the bear it has Elvis Lips. I never knew that even bears do Elvis impersonations. The otters held the children's attention for a long time, until it was announced that the lions would be next.

Oddly we never did see the lions but we did hear them roaring. We let the children play some more together in the paleontologist pit and then had to go off site for lunch because the zoo was packed. The line to get in was at times 45 min to an hour wait to even get into the zoo. With only one place at the zoo open for lunch it was packed. So off to McDonald's we went. Okay I admit it we stopped at the gift shop so I could get more squished pennies for our collection.

That evening we went to a Spring for Sids benefit in Honor of the daughter of another friend of mine. My friend and I both managed to have a child free evening and spent some quality time together. We both bought extra tickets for the baskets and we both won. Add to that pizza, pop and talking with adults and making new friends we had a great evening.

The benefit was packed and I believe raised about $5400 for SIDS research. I just wish we could have all gathered because of a happy event and not the anniversary of a baby's passing. Tomorrow will be a year without her. I still cry when I think about her dying so young. I just hope that this money that was raised in her honor does some good for future babies.

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