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Saturday, April 18, 2009

When Asperger's Clash

How do you handle it when two people with asperger's clash over how they sense the temperature? Spring is always tricky because the temperature can vary so much. This morning we had the clash of the asperger's at my house. Daddy knows it is cold, he is in a sweatshirt and getting mittens and gloves out. P however knows it is warm. He is in a short sleeve shirt and ready to go outside and play. I witness the following.

Daddy: It's cold out, put on a coat.
Son: To me its warm out.
Daddy: No it is cold, see your sister has a coat and hat on.
Son: But Daddy I am warm.
Daddy: It is cold.
(Mommy now has to intervene)
Son: Daddy everybody is different (brilliantly played)

Neither one will budge. I had to find a long sleeve shirt that P would wear. I tried the "let him hold the coat until he gets cold" card but Daddy didn't like that option either.

It is hard sometimes. Both are so determined and when their mind is set and locks on an idea or concept there is pretty much nothing I can do. It really is like being a mother to three children sometimes. To me this is the hardest part of having a husband who probably has asperger's. I see him as an adult, but his behavior patterns are that of a child. When the two clash I can go insane. I wish I had a better way to deal with it. He won't believe he has asperger's. To him it is not even an option.

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