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Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Husband's Opinion of Me Going Back to School

I talked to my husband about me going back to school. I am so excited about it and he is not thrilled about it. He says we will never be able to pay back the student loans. Well, right now we can't. Though I have to think that when I start to work again that will change. When I start to do anything to better myself he gets moody and broody and try's to get me to not do it.

Too bad, I am making the decision, he has chosen not to go back to school even though his company will pay for him to go back to school. I told him I would help him get though the homework, because I know he has trouble with reading comprehension. I don't even mention it anymore. He made the choice not to go back to school. I just am making the opposite choice.

I wish he could more supportive. The kids are all excited that mommy will be a teacher someday. They really wanted me to be their teacher. I explained that to be fair mommy isn't allowed to be their teacher.

He does this so often he actually gets mad at me for what I might or will do in the future. Often it is a decision that he thinks I will make and then I will do something else and then something might happen because of it. It drives me up the wall. I have learned to just walk away from him when he starts doing that.

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