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Monday, April 6, 2009

He is Going to Cincinnati for a Baseball Game

He is going to Cincinnati to watch the Met's play baseball. His sister got him free tickets so he thinks it's a cheap trip. Never mind the cost of gas and food. He is taking $300 with him. That $300 could be better used by paying off some bills or buying some groceries. Thats not all, I have the kids for three days. Though without all our arguments it might end up being a pleasant few days. The kids gravitate to me all the time now. It is much easier when we are not around him as much.

So he leaves tomorrow and will be back on Friday. He couldn't get the week after Easter off to spend with the family. At least he has Monday off.

The last time he went to Cincinnati we all went too and it was horrible. Then the money we spent on the trip put us so far behind in our bills. I am so worried that will happen again. He won't listen to reason. He knows we can't afford this trip, but the Met's make it worthwhile in his eyes.

I am beginning to hate Hockey and Baseball and Lacrosse. I could tolerate them before but they are now becoming more important to him than the family. He fights the bedtime routine when the Sabres' are playing. The kids have to wait for a whistle. He now watches Lacrosse on the computer and Hockey on the TV at the same time. If we interrupt him it is like the end of the world.

The kids are upset that he is going away they will miss him. I am upset because we can't afford it. He couldn't care less. It is necessary for him. That worries me.

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